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Over 17 years ago, I came to an awakening regarding my own health challenges and well being after being diagnosed with cancer. This journey has led to the information we discuss in self-care awakening, it's about being healthy by choice, not by chance. The reality is, if we leave our health to chance, chances are we are not going to be healthy.  


"I think many people believe that chronic disease or issues that impact our quality of life are normal."
   -Dr. Gary Lindner, Founder of Self-Care Awakening
It would be my honor to help you on your journey toward wellness and living a more fulfilled life. Life is a gift!
Please contact me for a free personal wellness evaluation.​​
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Active Wellness is possible for everyone!
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Finally, A Holistic Approach To Wellness

Learn about our core philosophy: The 5 Pillars of Wellness

Fall Wellness Event

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