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"I was gifted the PiMag MicroJet® shower head by a dear friend for my birthday. I recently moved to Colorado from Florida and the city water is very different. My skin was so dry and my hair was brittle and breaking off in handfuls. I installed the shower head, it was so easy!! After 2 weeks of using it, I can already tell the difference in my skin and hair. My skin is softer, more hydrated, and my hair has less tangles and less need for a leave in conditioner. I highly recommend this shower head to everyone!!"


"The BEST hidden secret in Winter Springs… Uyen is great! After your first visit you feel like she’s a life long friend. She exceeded my expectations. I encourage anyone looking to make a change with their hairstylist to come here. Uyen also does energy healing which is AMAZING!"

-Denise Rossignolo-Brown 

"Uyen does a fabulous job making my hair look amazing! I have been a client at Winter Springs Beauty Salon for 20 years! I always get lots of positive compliments from people about my hair! Uyen is the best!"

-Ellen L.


"The best hair salon in Florida. Small, quaint and total perfection! The owner is beyond talented. I have found my new favorite place!"

-Amanda W.

"I just found Uyen about a year ago. She has a placket in her salon that says, "I'm a beautician, not a magician" Not True! Uyen is a magician! She does amazing things with color and cut. I could not be happier every time I leave her salon. Uyen uses high-quality products and has no chlorine in the water at her salon. She is an amazing talent and now many of my friends are her clients as well. Thank you, Uyen for taking such good care of our hair!"

-Leah F.

"At my previous job I was on the road a lot driving sometimes hours. I would get very fatigued. I bought the seat cushion per Uyen's recommendation and it has really kept me significantly less tired. I also use the knee support. I was a runner and my knees ache while doing exercise and while hiking. I can now exercise and hike 10-hours without any pain! This knee support changed my life. I tell everyone about this product. Recently my best friend's Father-in-law used it and loved it. He has no cartilage in his knees from erosion. He doesn't want surgery and this product has made a difference."

-Terri R.

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